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           MYCGL Playdown Rules     



1) All participating teams must be USA Hockey registered, have a stamped USA Hockey rosters on file with MYCGL. All play will be governed by USA Hockey/Mass Hockey rules. Teams may consist of up to 18 players and two goalkeepers.

2) All team players and coaches must sign in prior to playing every playdown game.

3) All players must have participated in at least 10 regular season games with her rostered team. Players must have legal equipment. CHIN STRAPS and MOUTH GUARDS are required at ALL levels.

5) Head coaches and at least one (1) assistant must be USA Hockey patched, Level 3 or      above, and must produce their certification card. A maximum of four (4) coaches are allowed on the bench.

6) Non-playing members are not allowed on the bench. Injured players wearing a HELMET   may be on the bench during the game.

7) Rosters are frozen for the entire playdowns. Players are not allowed to play for more than one team. If a need for players arises, MYCGL Directors must approve players from younger teams before the start of the playdowns and the player(s) becomes part of your team for the remainder of the playdowns and cannot play on her regular team. A or I players can only play for A or I teams. A or I players from younger levels cannot play for B or II teams under any circumstances. If only one team exists in any level, the team must be in the upper most division to receive A or I players from below.

8) All teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before scheduled game. Games will consist 3 minute warmup and three (3) 12 Minute stop time periods. Three-minute warm-up time begins when zamboni leaves the ice. Teams must be on the ice when the Referee signals to start the game or a delay of game penalty will be assessed. There will be no running time during the playdown games except in the event of excess total penalties. See Rule 14.

9) TIMEOUTS: No TIME OUTS during playdown games.  One TIME OUT will be allotted to each team in the Championship Games.

11) TIES: If a game is tied after regulation play, the following procedure will be used:

A twelve (12) minute sudden death stop-time will be played starting with a four (4) on four (4). After six minutes during the overtime and at the first whistle, each coach removes one player to make it three (3) on three (3). No other player can be changed.

If still tied after the first overtime, another twelve (12) minute sudden death stop-time period will be set with three (3) on three (3).



If a team incurs a penalty during the four on four, they will play with one player down for the duration of the penalty three on four. If a team incurs a penalty during the three on three, the offending player must leave the ice to be replaced by a teammate and the non-offending team may add a player, four on three, until the first whistle after the duration of the penalty.

At no time during the three on three will the teams be reduced to two players due to penalties. Penalized teams may keep three players on the ice; non-penalized teams will add players for each penalty.

12) PENALTIES: ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING WILL BE ALLOWED OR TOLERATED ON OR OFF THE ICE.  Referees are instructed to eject any player/s, coach/s or parent/s engaged in fighting. The player will receive a game misconduct.

Any player incurring four (4) penalties in one game will not be allowed to play for the remainder of that game. If a player receives a game misconduct, the player will be ejected from the game in which the infraction occurred as well as the following game if any.

Any head coach whose team receives a total of 15 or more penalties in one game will be suspended for the following game if any. If a coach receives a game misconduct penalty, he/she will be ejected from the game in which the infraction occurred as well as the following game if any.

13) In the event that a misconduct penalty occurs in the player’s last game, the League Directors will notify the team’s respective league/s for further ruling.

14) After the accumulation of 15 total penalties in one game, clock will run nonstop.

**Any penalties remaining at the end of regulation will be carried over into the subsequent overtime period. Minor 2.0 minutes (double minors are considered two penalties) Major 5.0 minutes Misconduct: 10.0 minutes Game Misconduct Ejection and one game suspension 2nd Game Misconduct Ejection from the playoffs

THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. MYCGL reserves the right to review all cases involving major penalties, match penalties, game misconducts and gross misconducts. MYCGL reserves the right to escalate punishments of any reviewed penalty.

15) TROPHIES – Both teams will be presented with trophies immediately following the           conclusion of each championship game.

16) The Rink Manager governs use of facility. Locker room keys will be obtained from the Rink Manager’s office. Any damage to the locker rooms will be duly noted and reparations will be the responsibility of the occupying team.




Revised 8/2018